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Evidence-Based Practice

Write Your PICO(T)

  1. Pico Question Worksheet will help you define your question
  2. Locate MESH terms for your PICO in: MESH DATABASE
  3. This video will take you through searching with an example PICO question.

Interventions and Comparisons

While you can use control for your comparison (in some cases), reading about medical conditions and current treatments will create a stronger PICO.

This table recommends the best evidence for your question focus.

Need a specific level of evidence? Use this table instead.

Different Types of Studies

  • This video summarizes each research study type and how to identify what type of study an article describes.
  • Study Design 101 Tutorial outlines the pros and cons of each study type.

Original Research Studies


Clinical Guidelines

EBP Guidelines summarize current diagnosis & treatment recommendations, identify the best research studies, and list gaps in the current research.



Evidence-Based Practice Journals

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