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Copyright and Fair Use for Faculty

Copy of Concordia University, Inc. Intellectual Property Policy is available in CUAA Portal under Faculty Tab.

If the resource you wish to use is protected under copyright, and you need more than what can be shared under fair use, then you must request permission.

  1. Determine the copyright owner. This could be the publisher, creator, or the employer (in work-for-hire). Tips for Determining the Owner
  2. Identify what permissions you need. Remember: the more you need, the larger the (potential) fee.
    • how many copies (the number of students)?
    • how much (paragraphs, pages, or chapters?)
    • how long (number of terms/semesters)?
  3. Contact the copyright holder in writing. Many publishers now accept permission requests via email or website online form.
    • Identify yourself and Concordia University
    • identify where and how you will use the work
    • Identify how much of the work you need to use

The Basics of Getting Permission (Stanford University Libraries)

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