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Finding Data & Statistics

🏫Data by Subject

Find relevant data sources listed on some subject guides

📊General Data & Statistics

💡What is Data?

Data and statistics are primary sources used as evidence, background information, or context for a topic.

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Questions to ask yourself before searching for data sets or statistics:

  • What data do I need to answer my research question?
  • What are my variables?
  • what is my time frame and geographic area?

🌟Search Strategies for Data

💭Evaluating Datasets

Once you find a data set online, you will have to evaluate the quality of the research used to create it. 

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📕Data Vocabulary

  • data: quantitative (numerical) and/or qualitative (text, images, sound, etc.) information collected during research.
  • statistics: data that have been analyzed, summarized, interpreted, and/or evaluated.
  • Data analysis: statistical, mathematical, or other procedures to answer research questions.
  • data visualization: Presenting data or statistics in a visual format.
  • unit of analysis: who or what is being described in the data

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