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Find Specific Books or Articles

Page Summary

  • If  you have the article or book information or citation you can use Primo Search to locate a copy.
  • Search for the item’s full title in the Everything search Scope.
  • Check the Availability under the item the Primo search results to see where it is located  (Online or at CUAA Library).
  • If an electronic copy appears in the results, use the links to access online.
  • Search Primo for individual journal articles by titles and request electronic copies of journal articles CUAA Library doesn’t have online.

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Find an Article from a Citation

  1. To see if the article is online, Search Primo for the full article title without punctuation (. , ; : ).
  2. OR Try using the Citation Lookup. Be sure to select “article” at the top.
  3. Check the information listed under the article or book title
Example of a ejournal article in search results

Find a Book Chapter

  1. For book chapters, Search Primo for the full book title without punctuation (. , ; : )
  2. If you have an ISBN, try using the Citation Lookup. Be sure to select the book at the top.
  3. Check the information under the book title matches the item you are looking for.
Book example in Primo with title author and year labeled

Request One Chapter

  1. If the book  is online, you can locate and download the chapter you need from the book’s table of contents inside the database.
  2. If the book is in print, log-in to Primo and request a scanned copy of the chapter.
    • Under Get IT, click on Digitization
      Get IT section in Primo with Digitization link underlined in red
  3.  Fill out the form with the chapter information

Find Journals (by Title)

For some articles, you will have to located the journal first to find the article.

  1. Journals can be in print, microfilm, or online formats.
  2. Search Primo for the journal’s title. Click Journals under Resource Type.
  3. Click on the journal title to open the journal’s page.
  4. Click on “Request a different issue”.
  5. Type the article title, year, volume, issue, and pages into the comment section of the form and click Request.
  6. An electronic copy of the scan will be sent CUAA email address.

Request Articles and Books From Other Libraries

If you have searched Primo and Google Scholar submit an Inter-library Loan Request.

Book chapters and individual articles will arrive as digital scans in your CUAA email account.

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