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Evaluating Sources

What Do I need?

  • How recent does the information need to be?
  • How much information do you need?
  • Where would experts share information (online? journals? books?)

Watch a tutorial about reading assignment descriptions

Is this Book Scholarly?

Is this Article Peer-reviewed?

Is this Credible?

Review the information provided about the author and the item’s creation & editing process.

  • Who is the primary audience?
  • What do other sources say?
  • Did anyone verify the information?
  • What evidence does the creator present?

Watch a Video About Source Evaluation

What is available?

Quality sources take time to create. The Information Life Cycle dictates when different types of sources (books, articles, news, tweets) are available after an event occurs or facts are discovered.

Learn about the Information Life Cycle

Who Knows about this?

  • Do they have an advanced degree (PhD, MD)?
  • Do they have professional experience?
  • Do they have personal experience of an event?

Watch a video about how to find experts

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