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Zotero Citations & Bibliographies

Fixing metadata mistakes

Metadata (definition): information provided about your source like title, author, journal, and page numbers 

Once you add all of your references into Zotero you can use Zotero to create in-text citations and bibliographies for your assignments. 

Always check the metadata for the items in your library for accuracy before creating citations. Click on the item, then double click the field to edit in the box on the right. For more information, visit the Zotero Website.

Recommended: Zotero Guide from Emory University 

Microsoft Word

When you downloaded the Zotero application to your computer the Zotero add-in for Microsoft Word should have been added too. For more information on the Add-in visit: Zotero Website Guide

Zotero tab in Microsoft Word main Menu

Creating citations in Word (2 min)

Google Docs

Zotero will work in Google Docs in any browser where the Zotero Connector is installed.  

Screenshot of Zotero menu in Google Docs

Creating Citations in Google Docs (1 min)

Adding Citation Styles to Zotero

You can add other subject specific citation styles, like AMA, to add to Zotero from the Zotero Style Repository

  1. Open Zotero preferences (on Mac, Zotero menu/preferences; on Windows, Edit menu/preferences).
  2. Click on the “Cite” tab, then “Styles” sub-tab.
    Click the link that says “get additional styles” in that tab.
  3. Find the style you need, and click on it to load it into Zotero.
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