FAQ: Can I stream a video in class from my personal Netflix account?

If you have a personal subscription to Netflix, you may be able to stream educational content in class. This must be done synchronously, either in an in-class session or synchronous Zoom sessions. Do not record the session for future use.

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TV Shows and Video Clips in Databases

  • Frontline (PBS) some episodes from 2008-2018 are available through Gale
  • Nova (PBS) episodes from 2005-2017 are available through Gale Academic One File
  • Independent Lens (PBS) some episodes from 2007-2018 are available through Gale
  • 60 Minutes (CBS) some episodes from 1993-2015 are available through ProQuest Central
  • New York Times Videos (2018-present) covers up-to-date popular news and culture and is available through ProQuest
  • Harvard Business School Faculty Seminar Series (2002-2010), 57 video lectures on a variety of business topics, is available through Business Source Complete. Instructions: On the top blue menu bar click More, then select Images/Business Video.
  • INTELECOM Video Collections (2002-2006) are short instructional videos created specifically for high school and college courses.

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