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Permalink Basics

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Definitions and FAQs

A permalink is a web address that will consistently point to a specific source such as an eBook, an article, or a library record.

Other names: stable link, durable link, persistent link, permanent link, document link,

How do I find permalinks?
See the pages linked on the left for instructions for most of our electronic resource providers.

Why can’t I just copy the URL in my browser’s address bar?
Web addresses (URLs) that appear in the address bar usually contain search-based information that will break quickly.

Why would I use a permalink rather than just upload the article into Blackboard, Google docs, faculty webpages, or email?
You may be in violation of copyright law or license restrictions if you do this.  Permalinks are also used to track library usage which informs library purchases.

How do I know if a permalink will work from off-campus?
The link must contain in the URL. This will open a page for the CUAA Portal login.

It is usually in the middle of a URL.

Remember: Permalinks rarely have ? or % symbols

Reference:  SJSU Permalinks Guide

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